You Have Decided to Turn Your Passion into Purpose by Starting Your Own Business.

...But then you realize just how much there is to be done that you don't quite yet know how to do.

You find that your first step is to register your business and all sorts of questions begin running through your mind:


Where Should I Register My Business?

What is a Business Type and Which One is Best for Me?

How to Write a Business Plan?

Is Any of This Even Necessary?

No worries, You're in just the right place!

Believe it or not, it was not too long ago that I found myself asking the same questions you have right now. It was then that I learned that the process of becoming an entrepreneur could be just as overwhelming as it is freeing…if you allow it to be.

​Fruition Assurance Limited Liability Company

delivers the protection and support you need in order to maintain focus on bringing your business idea into fruition with as little distraction possible by providing: 

  1. One-to-One Consultations to gain clarity and direction on your Business

  2. Three Package Options for Business Registration and Entity Filing to legitimize your business and begin making legal profits

  3. Registered Agent Services to ensure all important documents reach you in a timely manner while providing an extra layer of privacy protection for your place of business

  4. Domain name registration, professional email creation, and social media setup to establish an online presence.

I Am Keshaundra Wilson


A mom, wife, and navy veteran with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration but those are just titles that I have acquired thus far. Although I love my husband and children dearly and have worked hard to attain those goals, they do not define who I am. I am simply a woman with a strong desire to live in her purpose!


My driving force has always been my passion for helping others and Fruition Assurance LLC is the vehicle that allows me to fuel that passion.


After graduating with the world on the brink of a global pandemic and no luck in gaining employment, my life took a hard left down the road of uncertainty. Little did I know, this was just the beginning of a remarkable blessing. I began to notice so many people around me starting businesses despite all of the chaos the pandemic brought on. Coming from a family full of fempreneurs, I took matters into my own hands and decided to use the knowledge I’d gained from school and previous experience to begin providing assistance to family and friends seeking to start and grow their small businesses.


This immediately caused me to recognize the overwhelming amount of people in my community starting businesses with little to no knowledge of the business formation process being forced to pay high prices to big name companies without receiving any clarity. This motivated me to commit myself to becoming a resource by expanding my own knowledge of the business start-up process even more. I took a deep dive into researching the routes of some the most successful entrepreneurs in the world and completed several eCornell courses focused on the entrepreneurial success of women in order to gain a better understanding of how to best simplify the start-up process for the average woman in America. Then I applied those tools to help others. Since then I have aided an increasing number of budding entrepreneurs in the Chicagoland area with business planning and legal structure formation.


If you have a dream permeating through your soul or a vision to live life on your own terms, Fruition Assurance LLC is the perfect avenue for you to reach the point at which your dream business is realized!

I look forward to partnering with you very soon.